About Us

Welcome to Grateful Roots Gardens! We are located in the beautiful mountains of Talking Rock, GA. We want to serve our Creator by serving our community and supplying them with healthy, non-GMO food that nourish both body and soul. Everything we do is out of love for God and love for people. 

Better farming practices – Here at Grateful Roots, we choose a more nurturing method of no-till gardening that builds up the land to grow the food, instead of stripping the ground of all its nutrients. Using well or rainwater only, we put every effort into harvesting the most natural and healthy produce possible. Instead of adding chemical fertilizers, we use a a natural means of spraying compost tea and applying fermented plant extracts to build up a robust and healthy soil ecology. God commands us to be stewards of His creation, and we believe that God holds us accountable to how we steward everything. 

We believe in real food – In Genesis 1:29, God tells us what real food is. Unfortunately, grocery stores are filled with things that resemble food, but have no nutritional value. We supply our customers with real, healthy food that’s grown right here in Georgia, all without chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. 

We strive to do things God’s way – We observe the seventh day sabbath, seventh year land sabbath, and jubilee year sabbath as well. We are closed every Saturday, and prior to the seventh year land sabbath we will alert the community on how we will proceed. We are also closed on all of God’s appointed times, and do not harvest or work on those days. Accommodations will be made during those times, and we will alert the community about those dates as well.

We may be responsible for sowing the seeds, and watering the ground, but God is the one who gives the life.